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One of the complaints which emerges more frequently among the women managers I usually contact, concerns "the difficulties we have as women to assert our authority and to be successful in a male world where we are not considered for our real ability. We work in a contest where there is initial mistrust; perhaps later on they change their mind".
How can we master these provocations?
Beyond the pragmatic point of view of learning verbal answer tactics, when someone attacks us with a clear intention to disqualify us to put us offside and to discredit our identity, it is to be cleared up as how it is possible to make women more aware and to integrate them in a traditional male and masculinist culture like that managerial one. But the same speech is valid for many other kinds of careers where the male presence was almost exclusive till recently.
To understand the prejudice which burdens heavily the career woman, it is necessary to go back to some fundamental psychological ideas.
Original publication: Il femminile bruciato, written in 1999 and published in 2007 on the site:
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