Member of the Italian Research and Systemic Therapy Society;
Riza Institute; School of Psychosynthetic Psychotherapy and
Hypnosis Milton Erickson “H.Bernheim”;
Individual, couple and family therapy with systemic
and psychosynthetic orientation.


My name is Gigliola Zanetti. I have been dedicating myself to the theoric and experimental research since I attended University. The “innate” challenge regarding the boundaries and the curiosity about exploring and researching have taken me to sound the depth of psychical life, providing an essential contribution to the comprehension and treatment of the psychosis.

The reflection on how the language has been used, and can be used, in order to have an impact on the reactions, emotions, beliefs and then on the people’s life, whether positive or negative, has oriented my attention towards the study of the communication. In particular I have stopped to look into and explore the tcommunication relative to emerging, structuralizing, clearing up, recuperating and resolving of psychopatology. Whithout denying what I had known from a psychodynamic ground, I have been fascinated by the pioneer spirit of therapeutists guided by systemic and relational guidelines, , who is interested and concerned of the well – being of families and couples, concentrating on the relationship and “relational disorder”.

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In the woman there is an animus to recover – that means to recuperate a male component which exists also from the chemical and hormonal point of view. There is an anima, a female component to

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